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VGH - Versicherungen // Insurances

The potential

“How can we get young people excited about insurance?” VGH launched an internal innovation competition to address this issue. The winning team's idea was to combine short explanatory videos on insurance-related topics with survey and study results.

The cross-departmental team at VGH approached us with this vision and some sketches and asked us to translate this potential into an operational digital solution.

The first step was to convince the insurance company's board of directors. Coordinating closely with the team, we developed the idea into a prototype within three weeks. We guided this team, consisting of employees from different departments, some of whom had no previous contact with digital projects, through the prototyping process and were able to turn their ideas into a workable foundation.

The prototype we developed impressed the board at the presentation and a budget was allocated to put the concept into practice.

how2 Mockup von 2 iPhones

The idea

TikTok videos, Instagram reels und YouTube shorts – short videos in portrait format are the perfect entertainment and information medium for the younger generations. Would it not be good to use this medium to convey insurance topics in a humorous, informative and concise way?

Our strategy was based on the idea of using familiar models from the short video platforms and formats to create a familiar experience for the target audience. An additional question and answer option on the respective topic is intended to generate more user engagement beyond merely viewing the video. The statistics relating to the question, which are shown after the user has given their answer, create an additional informative component.

Developing a native app that needs to be installed separately was ruled out in order to keep access to the content as easy as possible. The app’s development would also have exceeded the allocated budget. The solution was therefore to introduce a browser-based solution.

Technical development focused on the consistent implementation of familiar and even expected operating concepts associated with the short video content format. We applied an iterative process to address and resolve the technical challenges involved.

The project was finally brought to life with the story developed by our partner Companions: Short episodes in which four flatmates explained to each other topics relating to housing, jobs, mobility and finances.

Each video asks a question about the user's current life situation. Once the viewer has given an answer, relevant statistics are shown to help them assess their own situation.

The launch – under the user name how2 – involved the release of 20 short videos on 4 topics, which users can explore by swiping and scrolling. Social media measures were used to generate traffic. To prepare for the launch, we created a dashboard with an overview of the most important KPIs to assess the performance of each measure.

KPI Dashboard

how2 was embedded in the VGH digital ecosystem as an extension to the existing online magazine

The result

Our project helped the digitally inexperienced team at VGH to develop a realistic prototype with an underlying business case. The whole process was handled quickly and was based on a pitch idea that emerged from an innovation competition held by the insurance company.

What’s more, we managed to implement the resulting project and create lay the foundation for an effective brand channel.

Building on the insurance company's content presentation, the videos helped to attract a younger audience to the magazine's content, while the videos themselves added to the content provided in VGH's online magazine.

The solution we developed for VGH therefore enables the insurance company to acquire attention and relevance among its young target audience. In addition, VGH gains insights into the attitudes and life situations of the users.

The success of the project was rewarded with the production of additional videos. Since then, Companions has been cooperating with the VGH marketing team to keep developing content for how2.

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