Specialists for digital marketing

Specialists for digital marketing

We are experts. Digital natives. Passionate nerds. We are design, tech and marketing professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset who know the stumbling blocks and opportunities that exist on the way to a successful project.

Our principles

Making fast paced long lasting

The world is turning faster and faster and digitalisation is becoming increasingly complex. Sustainable strategies are needed to transform new ideas into value-creating digital business models.

Finding and harnessing potential

We firmly believe that there is untapped potential in every business that can be unleashed through digital solutions.

Doing the right things right, together

We are the translators between marketing, design and technology – and ensure that all disciplines cooperate and focus on the same goal to achieve success.

Benefit from our principles and let us join forces to drive your business forward. Contact us.

Portrait Jan Gründer von PixelwerteJan PospisilCEO Pixelwerte

Das Team von Pixelwerte
Bild an der Wand
Pascale und Ole bei der Arbeit

Every contribution counts

Our team has a wealth of experience in marketing, design and technology. The curiosity to discover and learn new things is what sets us apart. We value every person and their individual contribution. We are actively committed to the quality of collaboration for the best common result. When everyone plans, questions, discusses, spins and dreams together, we come up with targeted ideas that we realize together with the strength and passion of each individual.

Hendryk Jaroslawsky - Art Direction
Ole Treichel - Development
Jan Pospisil - CEO, Strategie und Konzept

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