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IT-Con.Cert GmbH // Professional education

The potential

The continuing education market has, for a variety of reasons, largely abstained from deep digitalisation. So its user experience for those interested in or offering education remains largely dissatisfying.

This means there is plenty of potential to leverage with digital solutions.

flowdo has set out to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry and capture market shares with a strong, user-centric brand.

The solution

flowdo wanted to use several digital products and services to rapidly address a variety of target audiences. There was a lot to do and too little time. This is not an unusual situation in digital product development.

We managed to assist the product owners in prioritising the requirements through user story mapping and regular roadmap planning. As a result, the available resources were used efficiently and to create value, which helped to shorten the "time to market".

All user stories that added value were planned and realised by the interdisciplinary teams in an agile development process.


But process optimisation was not the only key to success. A consistent and compelling user experience was among the additional building blocks.

We organised proposition workshops and developed a brand strategy to lay the foundation for brand values and structures as a basis for all further developments.

Parallel development of several products by more than one team always comes with the risk that the design and interaction concepts will be interpreted differently. This is deadly for a cross-product user experience. We developed a central Component Library to counteract this development from day one. This "single point of truth" for brand-compliant UI and UX design promotes sustainable, growth-oriented product development.

The UI building blocks shortened the decision-making processes and accelerated the work of the developers. In addition, it enabled the rapid integration of features in the brand design, without input from concept or other designers.

The effect

We were able to help the flowdo team establish a product development process that enables the structured analysis of complex topics and their efficient embedding within a consistent user experience.

With our design system firmly established at the centre, two SaaS products, a marketplace, an online magazine and a website were implemented concurrently by three teams in a consistent brand experience.

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