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Sonax // Surface cleaning and preservation

The potential

SONAX has reached a new level in ceramic paint sealing with the development of SI-Carbon Technology. This technology is the basis of the SONAX XTREME Ceramic series. The new series consists of a paint sealant, a detailer and a car shampoo. The international market launch of these products is intended to establish a new flagship by the market leader.

And the market launch of a new SONAX product series was to be communicated mainly via digital channels and measures for the first time.

The solution

Our underlying idea was based on a unified and visually powerful campaign to draw attention to the product family. The idea was to inspire demand for the products with strong image emotionalisation on the social media platforms and through display ads.

All measures lead the user to a landing page that explains the advantages of the products and adds an even more emotional touch to the products. Aside from staging the products, however, the main purpose of the landing page is to guide prospective customers to the online shop.

We managed to develop a new and logical extension of communication for SONAX with the option of sending potential buyers directly to the point of sale.

The visually powerful campaign and its emotionalisation was built on the production of high-quality, attention-grabbing images. We therefore opted to visualise the products in 3D. We staged the products in an abstract laser atmosphere. At the time, SONAX had now yet tapped into the potential of visualising its products in practical settings. With this new type of production for SONAX, we were able to achieve an outstanding result with relatively little effort.

But the digital staging of the products was just one part of the campaign. Another key element of our idea was to produce a film that showed the products in use and provided further material that could be exploited on social media and elsewhere. With our partners behind the camera, on the lighting and on the mixing desk, we managed to produce a film and add animated products in post-production.

The development of display ads, posts and stories for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube as well as assets for Amazon Brandstores and A+ content added the finishing touches to the campaign. The Bavarian family business raised its game by developing an end-to-end campaign across the most relevant digital communication and sales channels.

The media package with all media packs for the international distribution partners ensured consistent adaptation of the campaign at international level.

Sonax professioneller Videodreh mit Auto und Licht
Sonax professioneller Videodreh mit Blick auf die Kamera
Sonax professioneller Videodreh mit Auto in Halle
Sonax professioneller Videodreh mit Fokus auf Auto und Model beim Putzen

The effect

For the market launch of the XTREME Ceramic Series, we were able to implement a campaign for SONAX that opened up new avenues and production processes for the market leader. This was the first time that the launch of a product series had been largely promoted on digital media. The purpose was to ensure immediate transfer to the retail segment. We implemented tracking and reporting to enable direct accompanying evaluation of the campaign for the first time.

With the flexibility in the digital production approach, we took the visual staging of the products to a new level and were able to ensure a consistent adaptation of the campaign at international level.

We are proud that we were able to plan, control and implement the budget and schedule of the project. This was only possible with the trust of SONAX and the many experts at our side.


Die Weichen im digitalen Marketing bei SONAX sind neu gestellt: Die Markteinführung der Ceramic-Produkte wurde durch die Beratung, Konzeption und Umsetzung der Kampagne durch Pixelwerte ein voller Erfolg.

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